"...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other." ~ George MacDonald
"...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other." ~ George MacDonald

The Chinese

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wisely adopted capitalism (see here); the country would have collapsed if they did not.* (For the reasons why see "Part 1: Prices and Markets" in Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell and The Government Against the Economy by George Reisman. Price controls and government ownership of the means of production cannot work as an economic system. And because communism does not work communist governments must oppress their citizens to remain in power. See here.)

Freedom of speech

The CCP does everything in its power to stop anyone questioning their version of history (see The CCP Didn’t Fight Imperial Japan; the KMT Did) and it does not allow ethnic Chinese (whether in China or oversees) to publicly criticise any of its policies or actions (for examples see Silent Invasion by Clive Hamilton). But despite this, the world as a whole, is beginning to wake-up to CCP Propaganda.**

Now I understand that it would not be wise for the CCP to introduce freedom of speech overnight (otherwise they risk destabilising the country and being imprisoned for crimes committed against their own people, see here); but perhaps they could attempt to introduce freedom of speech one issue at a time. Because of tensions in Northwest China, the Uighurs might be a good place to begin. (The Chinese government realises it has a very big problem (see The Third Choice); but China cannot continue to treat the Uighurs as they have been, and not reap the consequences. See China vs Islam.)

The following are the most concerning videos about China (and it's influence over other countries) that I could find.

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* Though it would be more accurate to describe it as a form of economic mercantilism as almost anything is tolerated as long as it advances the goals of the CCP. See here.

** What happens to me if I publicly criticise a policy my government has implimented? Nothing! Free people can criticise their own government. Without freedom of speech, people simply aren't free. We in the west are free at the moment, but there are people in the west who are trying to destroy freedom of speech, namely radical Muslims, CCP supporters, and the hard left. For an example of how the left is trying to stop views they disagree with from being expressed in public see here. For how they are using conservative politicians to their advantage, see here.


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