...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other.  ~ George MacDonald

Jesus Wept 

Jesus Wept

As an ambassador of Christ, my goal is to bring glory to God through the way I behave. (When people do evil things in God’s name his name is cursed. But when good is done in his name his name is praised by people who know a lot about the God of the Bible, and it is also praised by those who know very little about him.) God has given me everything. I can give something back. The mere attempt at bringing glory to God brings me joy. Each attempt to do what Jesus commands also brings God joy. He is easily pleased.  

Perhaps you have been wrongly taught that God is hard to please. If so, I’m sure you’ll find the following comforting. 

“Though Jesus Christ is very hard to satisfy, He is very easy to please. Think of that and it will help you a little. He is very easy to please, but very hard to satisfy. If you will but let Him in, and you have not much to put on the table. You cannot share much of life because you have not got it, He will be so pleased, if it be but a cup of cold water that you can give him. Let it be something genuine, something real.” – George MacDonald. From the sermon “The Father’s Appeal”, preached in Westminster Chapel.

I really believe God is good. I believe he does everything because of love. (Not many do. See here.)

I believe God became a man and died for me.

And all he wants me to do in return is to trust him and enjoy him.

"When my child would serve me," he went on," he spies out some need I have, springs from his seat at my knee, finds that which will meet my necessity, and is my eager, happy servant, of consequence in his own eyes inasmuch as he has done something for his father. His seat by my knee is love, delight, well-being, peace--not service, however pleasing in my eyes.--'Why do you seat yourself at my knee, my son?' 'To please you, father.' 'Nay then, my son! go from me, and come again when it shall be to please thyself.'--'Why do you cling to my chair, my daughter? 'Because I want to be near you, father. It makes me so happy!' 'Come nearer still--come to my bosom, my child, and be yet happier.'--Talk not of public worship as divine service; it is a mockery. Search the prophets and you will find the observances, fasts and sacrifices and solemn feasts, of the temple by them regarded with loathing and scorn, just because by the people they were regarded as DIVINE SERVICE." (Taken from Thomas Wingfold, Curate by George MacDonald)


Every good gift comes from God. But how often have I acted as if good things just fall out of the sky? Whenever I’m enjoying a good thing, that good thing is from him.

It’s not how much we have, but how grateful we are for what we have that counts.

Ingratitude is a terrible sin.

At times, I’ve been like a spoilt child who is ungrateful because he thinks the gift he received was not good enough. To be so ungrateful for such a beautiful gift, just because of some small imperfections in the gift, is an awful sin.

To enjoy God, and repent of sin, that is what it means to be a Christian. (See here) 

I believe the truth leads to the true God.  

"He who begins by loving Christianity more than Truth will proceed by loving his sect or church better than Christianity, and end in loving himself better than all." ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge


We must love truth more than our beliefs about God. The Christian, Atheist, Muslim or Hindu who loves their beliefs or doctrines about God more than truth, will not be able to accept truth when it contradicts what they have come to believe. We must not be afraid of where the truth might lead. We must not be afraid to ask hard questions.

Asking questions is never a problem. The problem is most people never ask the right question.

Near the beginning of one of George MacDonald's books, Thomas Wingfold, Curate, an atheist challenges a minister about God's existence. This causes him to doubt his existence and because of that, he starts thinking about giving up the ministry.

Wingfold keeps this to himself and shares it only with a trusted friend. This leads to a discussion about whether or not God exists. He asks his friend, “How am I to know that there is a God?"

His friend responds:

"It were a more pertinent question, sir, If there be a God, how am I to find him?"’

That’s the right question to ask.

I expect a lot of opposition from those who love their doctrines (their beliefs about God) more than truth. (All I ask is that if someone in your church holds views which you regard as heretical and dangerous, that you address the "problem" the way Jesus said such problems should be addressed (see here). Unfortunately I think most people who believe what I believe can relate to the story told in the sermon The Outcasts Comforted.)

It can be hard for people who have studied the scriptures intently to admit that they might be wrong. They are not likely to give those who disagree with them a fair hearing.

But I'm not just a victim. I'm an agent. Because I have often loved the things of this world more than God, I have sought those things instead of seeking to enjoy and trust God. When I seek things more than the giver of all good things, I hurt myself and others. God is better than any gift he can give. When I seek him first, he begins to set things right (only then can things take their proper place in this world).

When I’m seeking something or someone more than God, that is the source of my strength, not God. And because I might not get that thing, or I might lose that thing, I worry. If God is the source of our joy, strength, and peace, we are untouchable. Nothing can destroy us. 

"If it be Things that slay you, what matter whether things you have, or things you have not?" (Taken from the sermon "The Cause of Spiritual Stupidity." See the first of three parts below)


I strive to be the best man I can be. It’s not wrong to wish to be great and it’s not wrong to compete. (But it is wrong to try and be better than others. See here.) I know that only God can make me all that I'm meant to be. Only he can help me rise above the cares of this world.

God means more and more to me every day. He has set me free and he is setting me free. The more I enjoy him and seek to enjoy him the freer and stronger I become. 

Who am I?

I'm an Australian who works as a labourer in construction. I have no letters after my name. 

But that's enough about me. I want to know a little bit about you. What inspired you to read this page? 

Perhaps, like me, you not only wish to be free of the things that enslave, but you also wish to see the church reformed. If so, please write. The Kingdom of God is more important than the unity of the Church. 

A Grateful Servant of the King,



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