...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other.  ~ George MacDonald

Jesus Wept 

Jesus Wept

I’m not really a good man.

I don’t love people as I should. I do not love them as God loves them. And some people I don’t even love a little. I have no warm feelings towards them; I may even despise them.

What can I do? I can’t change the way I feel. How can I move from not loving them to loving them? Because I know I don’t love them I’m in danger of treating them unfairly, or even cruelly.

First, I must protect others from myself. If I choose to do this, I give love a chance to grow.*

Real growth starts when we stop pretending that we are something we are not. The truth is we are not as good as we like to think we are. We need help. We need Jesus.

*I owe this insight to George MacDonald (1824-1905).