...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other.  ~ George MacDonald

Jesus Wept 

Jesus Wept

If you are a reasonably good person you can understand someone who committed murder coming to loath themselves. You can understand that person saying to themselves, “What kind of man does that?” If a murderer reaches that point they will be so remorseful that they will either kill themselves, or be so repentant that they hand themselves in and seek the death penalty for their crime.

That’s genuine repentance.

Now that makes sense for the murderer. But what if your standards were so high, that you started to say to yourself, “What kind of man does that?” (Because of the way you spoke to your wife or because you didn’t go and watch your child’s football game.) Wouldn’t such an attitude lead you to change? Wouldn’t such an attitude lead you to repentance?

This is the question I have begun to ask myself because I aspire to be like Christ. I’m not going to let myself be fooled into thinking I’m a good man just because I go to church and pay my taxes.

God is very kind to me, even though I don’t deserve it. Every good thing comes from God. And as if that is not enough, God—the creator of this world—became a man and died for me just because he loves me. He died to set me free from sin, which ruins my life and the lives of others. Jesus died to set things right; to set things right between us and God. When our relationship with God is set right, all our other relationships will begin to be set right too. 

We cannot be close to God while we refuse to trust him. He loves us just as we are, but he loves us so much that he wants us to be perfect. Only when we are all that we were meant to be can we be truly free.

Today is the day of salvation. Thank God for becoming a man and dying for you. Ask him to forgive you and start to trust him. Only he can set you free. Only he can make things right.

One final note. Jesus didn't just die for us. By his spirit he rose his body back to life