...if we be honest with ourselves,                                             
we shall be honest with each other. -George MacDonald

Jesus Wept 

Jesus Wept


"Love Makes Everything Lovely" 
George MacDonald


It is far better to focus on the fact that God loves you, instead of focusing on the fact that God loves me. If I hurt you, it hurts God because he loves you. If I'm kind to you, it pleases God, because his joy is wrapped up in yours. (And this is why we must ask forgiveness from God. We have hurt those he loves.)  

Love is the source of God's strength, but it is also the source of his pain.

Not even God can live without sadness till all things are made new. (But if God is a Trinity, a perfect relationship is the eternal truth. And in that relationship there is perfect love, perfect peace and perfect joy. We are only as strong as our strongest relationship. The relationships within the Trinity are the source of God's strength. That's why God will always do what's right, no matter how much we hurt him.)*

Universal Reconciliation

Jesus came to this earth to bring reconciliation. He came so that we might come to know God's love, and through that love, love him in return by loving our neighbour. He came to fill our hearts with joy. (This does not mean everything will go smoothly. Some will be hostile to the message of reconciliation.)


So why hell?

Recently Zondervan published the second edition of "Four Views On Hell." A number of scholars made contributions to the book.

Robin Parry contributed a chapter, and in it he posed a number of questions. Two of which are as follows.

1. Is it God's will to save all people? 

2. Is God able to bring about his will? 

If he is then presumably all people will be saved. 


*If God is not a relational being, he would not have created anything.