...if we be honest with ourselves,
we shall be honest with each other.  ~ George MacDonald

Jesus Wept 

Jesus Wept



Give yourself up to possession by the living God.

Once you have given yourself to him you will find yourself able to do what he says because it is him working and willing in you. You will find yourself able to do things you could not do before. For the first time you will know your will to be truly strong. With God's help it is possible to do the seeming impossible; it is possible to do what Jesus taught with joy. Without his help it is impossible for me to do what he says, my will is just too weak. The more I give myself over to him, the more I am able to do what he wishes. He has only one purpose, to make me like him. There is no greater gift. Only then will I know perfect freedom, perfect self control, perfect power, love, beauty and truth. This is why I pray, "Fill me with your spirit Lord. Set me free from the cowardliness and weakness I see in myself. Make me like you."

But it is not all good news. Sometimes, fear gets the better of me and I do not trust him as I should. This possession is a voluntary possession. He will not make me trust him against my will. And because it is my choice sometimes I trust him a lot, sometimes I trust him a little, and sometimes I don't trust him at all. When I do not trust God, I do not please him. It's impossible to please someone while we refuse to trust them. But despite my own cowardliness, God still loves me. I am weak but he is strong. He always loves. He said he will never give up on me. He is pleased when I admit that I was wrong and turn back to him and start trusting him again. He is pleased when I admit that fear got the better of me and get back up and trust him again.

A happy child is free because they know how to trust. But because we live in an imperfect world sooner or later we realize everyone will let us down. We long for intimacy but this sickness called fear gets the better of us. We long for intimacy but we are afraid to trust; so instead we seek power. Our pursuit of power has turned this world into a mess. But there is a way out. We can begin to make things better if we find someone who is trustworthy and begin to trust them. But who is worthy of our trust? Unfortunately we project on to others our past experiences; because of betrayal, we find it hard to trust. But just because people have proven unreliable it does not mean God is not worthy of our trust. We don't have to live in fear of what people can do to us. Jesus never let the fear of what people might do to him dictate what he would or would not do. He knew perfect intimacy. That was his strength. He was perfectly free. And only he can set us free.