...if we be honest with ourselves,                                             
we shall be honest with each other. -George MacDonald

Jesus Wept 

Jesus Wept

We can use our wills to choose to do good, or to do evil.

Does that mean those who choose good are right with God? Not at all. If a person ignores God, if a person does not trust God, how can they be right with God? They can't. But if a person does good, and they truly love good, they will know they are far from perfect and in need of forgiveness. Such a person will come into the light. 

We live in dark times. We need the light of the world. Who is the light of the world? Jesus is.


Perhaps this video raised some questions for you about the doctrine of "original sin."

What do we mean by original sin? When I say original sin I do not mean what Augustine meant when he used the term and neither should you. There's a right doctrine of original sin and a false doctrine called original sin. Same words, different meaning.

It seems to me that many do not take responsibility for their sin because of the false doctrine of original sin.

The following is the first of 8 short videos. He explains what different groups mean when they use the words "original sin" and what we should mean when we use those words. It's important that we, who call ourselves Christians, get this right. Original Sin.

Be Perfect?

A Closer Look